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LocalSpend (Mobile App.)

Looking to discover if the value of spending local can be measured, understood and shown.

This repository contains the mobile application for the LocalSpend system. See also:

Table of Contents

Technology Stack

The mobile app. is written in Dart.

Technology Description Link
Flutter Cross-platform mobile framework Link


This mobile app. provides:

  • user authentication; and
  • transaction logging.


  1. Install Flutter;
  2. if this is your first Flutter project, install the Flutter SDK;
  3. set up your editor:
  4. add the line flutter.sdk=⟨ path to Flutter SDK ⟩ to the file android/


App. configuration settings are found in pubspec.yaml.

Build settings are found in the android/ directory, in the build.gradle, and settings.gradle files.



To activate debugging, add the following import statement:

import 'package:flutter/foundation.dart';

After that, you can generate debugging output using debugPrint().


Run flutter build apk -t lib/main_dev.dart to generate an APK file.



Code Formatting





LocalLoop is the result of collaboration between the Small Green Consultancy, Shadowcat Systems, Independent Lancaster and the Ethical Small Traders Association.


This project is released under the MIT license.


Name Link(s)
Mark Keating Email
Michael Hallam Email